1. ALL USBC RULES not specifically listed here will be in effect in each event.

2. Bowlers not members of the USBC can qualify for entry by paying an unattached membership fee of

3. Should any person enter and bowl in the WILD IRISH ROSE TOURNAMENT who is not eligible as
being a USBC Certified Member, they shall forfeit any claims to a refund or prize money and all
members of their team shall forfeit like claims.

4. AVERAGES: All bowlers will use their highest USBC Certifiable average of the past seasons -
2017-2018, 2018-2019, or their highest 2019-2020 season (or current average at time of bowling)
minimum of 21 games. Summer league and USBC Youth averages will not be accepted. Anyone
without an acceptable 17-18, 18-19, or 19-20 (current) average must bowl scratch. Anyone who has
averaged ten (10) or more pins over their entering average for any season in the past five (5) seasons
must report this at the time of registration for possible adjustment. Failure to use the proper average or
make correction prior to the time of bowling shall disqualify any score if the submitted average is lower
than the correct average. Prize winnings shall be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the
correct average. Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own average, whether submitted by the
bowler, the team captain or others. If a submitted average is lower than required and results in a lower
classification or more handicap, the bowler’s score is disqualified.

5. NON-SANCTIONED AVERAGES: A bowler must report their non-sanctioned / certified average(s) for
the past three (3) seasons, if they bowl in any non-sanctioned league(s) prior to bowling. Failure to do
so may result in disqualification.

6. HANDICAP: In all events, the handicap will be based on 100% of the difference of the individual
average and 225. Handicaps will be based on an individual basis. There is a maximum of 75 pins per
game per bowler in each event.

7. MAXIMUM AVERAGES: Maximum average for handicap is 225.

8. MULTIPLE PARTICIPATION: A bowler may compete unlimited times in the team event, but at least two
(2) bowlers must be changed each time to allow for multiple cashes. Any team may reenter without any
changes, but can only cash once. In the Doubles event - Multiple Participation is allowed, but may only
cash with the same partner once. In the Singles events and in 6-game combine events - Multiple
Participation is allowed, but you may only cash once in each event using your highest score in that

9. PRO BOWLER RULE: Anyone who has won a PBA, PWBA, or LPT National Tournament, in the last ten
(10) years is not eligible. Any Professional Bowler either PBA or PWBA who is currently in the top fifty
(50) in points, is not eligible. Regional PBA Members are eligible, provided that they do not fall under
one of the above classifications.

10. CHALLENGE / SPORT BOWLING LEAGUES AVERAGES: Any bowler who has an average in a USBC
designated Challenge / Sport League (Tough Shot) for any listed season must declare and tournament
will adjust adding 15 pins for Challenge, and 30 pins for Sport League average for handicapping

11. Canadian Tenpin Federation Bowlers (CTF) – CTF Bowlers may bowl, provided they bring copies of
their individual league record sheets for proof of average. They must also purchase a USBC Unattached
Membership. CTF Bowlers participating may also be subject to an average adjustment upon entering
the tournament.

12. TEAM EVENT: Teams will consist of five (5) bowlers. Teams may consist of all Men, Women, or may be
Mixed. No more than two (2) First Year Bowlers may bowl on a team. Mixed teams require at least 2
members of the opposite gender. (2 Males & 3 Females or 3 Females & 2 Males)

13. DOUBLES EVENT: Doubles may consist of 2 Men, 2 Women or may be Mixed. Two (2) First Year
Bowlers cannot bowl together in doubles and on any doubles team both bowlers must have certified
averages in the current season - If not the doubles pair must bowl scratch.

14. BOWLERS BOWLING DOUBLES & SINGLES EVENT: Bowlers must bowl both Doubles and Singles
the first time they bowl each event, but thereafter may bowl multiple Doubles or Singles.

15. ALL SUBSTITUTES must be reported one (1) hour before bowling to the tournament manager or
tournament committee.

16. Team Captains must report to the tournament office one (1) hour prior to scheduled start time to receive
lane assignment and verify information. All other Team members must also check-in to tournament
office before start time. In Doubles and Singles all bowlers must report to the tournament office for lane
assignment and to verify information.

17. RERATING: All entrants (including CTF Bowlers) are to be familiar with USBC Rule 319E re-rating
requirements, and comply with all requirements in each event.

18. Any bowler who has been rerated by any tournament or association must inform the tournament
committee of their rerating. Any bowler who has refused a rerating or been disqualified by any
tournament must report this before bowling, and will be subject to rerating or denial of entry in this

19. The tournament committee has the right to reject or rerate any entry without penalty up to the time of
bowling in each event. Entry fee will be returned if entrant or entrants do not wish to participate after
being notified of any rerating.

20. Any bowler currently in the top ten (10) of any certified or non-certified tournament must report this to
the tournament director prior to bowling. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

21. Tournament Prize Winnings (USBC Rule 319): ALL BOWLERS are required to fill out an individual prize
winnings verification form if they bowled higher than last year’s 10th place score in any event. The
bowler’s signature on this form verifies all information to be true. Any bowler who reports a lower
average than required or fails to report a prize-winning of $600 or more in any tournament in the
previous twelve months will forfeit all tournament fees and winnings.

22. A bowler arriving late will be allowed to bowl but their score will start with the frame in which they are
ready to bowl.

23. When a substitute enters a game already in progress, the handicap will be based on the original
bowler’s average or substitutes, whichever is higher.

24. All claims for errors in scoring must be submitted to the tournament manager within 24 hours after the
score is bowled.

25. Team, Doubles and Singles Events will bowl all 3 games on same pair of lanes. After the completion of
the Doubles event those bowling Singles will move up to two pair of lanes, either left or right, depending
on lane assignments.

26. NO REFUNDS after closing date of the tournament. In case of absence or inability to bowl, you may use
a substitute bowler.

27. A minimum deposit of 50% of total entry fee must accompany entry form to guarantee a reserved squad
time and date. All checks or money orders should be payable to “WILD IRISH ROSE TOURNAMENT.”
NO postdated checks will be accepted. (Make Canadian Checks payable in US funds.)

28. PRIZES: All guarantees as listed on the front of the tournament entry form will be paid as well as at least
one (1) prize for every ten (10) entries in each event, one (1) prize for every twenty (20) in combine and
bonus single events. All prize fees will be returned 100%.

29. Unmarried Grade or High School Students who have not attained the age of eighteen (18) must have
written consent of their legal guardian on an approval consent form which must be submitted to the
tournament manager at least one (1) week before participation, unless the student is accompanied by
their parent of legal guardian at the tournament in which case the consent form may be filled at that
time. Failure to do so disqualifies all scores rolled by the student.

30. The tournament office will try to even up all squads. In the event of an odd number of teams or doubles,
bowlers who are assigned to the odd pair alone must bowl alone. Upon refusal to do so, no entry fee will
be returned.

31. No person presently employed full time by Roseland Bowl will be allowed to bowl in the Doubles and
Singles events.

32. The tournament office has the right to weigh any ball after bowling. If a ball shall be found to be illegal,
this will result in disqualification of the bowler and no cash refunds will be made. Bowlers may have their
balls checked prior to bowling.

33. If an automatic pinsetter has a major breakdown the tournament committee reserves the right to move
bowlers to other lanes.

34. Entries into this tournament will be accepted up until the last scheduled squad in each event.

35. A bowler who has bowled 100 pins or more above their average in a three-game tournament event (133
pins for 4 games, 166 pins for 5 games) in the previous twelve months from time of bowling in each
separate event is required to report said score or scores prior to registration even though the prizes for
said score(s) have not been awarded. The bowler may be subject to average adjustment. Failure to
report said score(s) could result in disqualification.

36. The Team Captain’s signature is required on the Tournament Application it is their signature that verifies
that all information posted is true and that they are responsible for the distribution of all prize checks for
bowlers listed on that entry.

37. BONUS SINGLES: Bowlers in the Team and Doubles events may enter and use their scores bowled in
those events as part of a separate Bonus Singles event in those respective categories. An additional fee
is required for the entry. You may only cash one time in each Bonus events.

38. SENIORS SINGLES EVENT: All bowlers over the age of 50 may enter the Senior Singles Event
whenever they bowl in the team event or the doubles event. You may cash only one time in each Bonus
event. Proof of age will be required and verified at time of registration.

39. Returned checks (NFS) will be charged $40 Service Fee and if not paid by July 1st, 2019 will result in
the disqualification of all scores bowled by the individual, team, and group associated with that check.

40. Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency, or emergency
causes relating thereto or there from: fires, strikes, lockouts, labor difficulties or other reasons beyond
the control of Roseland Bowl - shall cause foregoing prize schedule to be prorated in accordance with
the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the respective events up to the time of termination.

**DEFINITION – First Year Bowler: A Bowler who has never had a certified or sanctioned average in an adult
league prior to the 2019-2020 bowling season.